Things To Know Before Picking a Wedding Venue

Weddings aren’t just about getting married… showing off your style is also a huge part of your wedding. This is why choosing picking a wedding venue for your reception is one of the important decisions you will have to make when planning.

Before picking a wedding venue you need to ensure that

  • You know your wedding style: Would you like an out/indoor reception? How formal do you want your reception? Would you rather have an intimate reception with just about 50 people in attendance or have a large crowd? All of this helps you narrow your search
  • Know your approximate guest count: Having an idea of your guest count helps narrow your search as well. It gives you an idea of the amount of space you need
  • Know your wedding date: Fixing your date and relaying the information to the site manager helps confirm the availability of the reception site

As soon as you have all of this information, then you can start searching for venues that best fit your style and guest count.

Here are some things to look out for when picking a wedding venue

How many people can the venue accommodate?

How far away is the venue from your ceremony site?

How much space does the venue have

  • Do they have enough parking space for you and your guests?
  • Do they have a standard dressing room for changing and getting ready
  • Are environs suitable for photo-taking
  • Do they have enough space for cocktail hour and After-party?

Does the venue come with chairs, tables for guests, and tables for vendors? Are they enough for your guests?

Does the venue come with adequate restrooms and standby staff to clean up after guests?

How does the venue organize guest parking?

Does the venue come with a standby generator big enough to power your event?

Does the venue have rules or restrictions about entertainment, decoration, or dress code?

What is the duration of time to hold a reception at the venue? Can you get extra hours?

Do they have health and safety policies? Find out what they are.

If you would rather use an outdoor venue you will need to consider

  • If there is enough space for tents, the type of tents you want to use. ( A marquee, pole tent, transparent tents, or opened tents).
  • The type of flooring (wooding, vinyl, natural/artificial grass)
  • Cooling for your guests
  • Mobile restrooms
  • Lightning for the tents and the environs

Before you pick a venue, confirm you are comfortable with the space, and ensure you like the view and the surrounding area. Request for a floor plan or you can visit the place when it is set up for a wedding so you can have a guide to the look and the feel of the space.

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