20 Sunflower themed wedding ideas

Sunflowers are a universal symbol of joy and happiness, so it’s no surprise that they’re also an extremely popular wedding flower. When you’re looking at their cheerful yellow color, it’s hard not to smile! From rustic barn weddings to beachy summertime celebrations, a sunflower-themed wedding is perfect for anyone who wants to create a welcoming, laid-back atmosphere on their special day. And if you needed even more reasons to love sunflowers, let us remind you that these bright blooms have been the inspiration behind iconic works of art for centuries, like Vincent van Gogh’s paintings and even a Harry Styles song (we love you, Sunflower, Vol. 6). If you’re planning to include sunflowers in your wedding decor, check out these sunflower wedding ideas. 

Are sunflowers good for weddings? 

The short answer: Yes! Sunflowers are a popular choice for rustic weddings, late summer weddings, and fall weddings. Depending on where you live, sunflowers are in bloom anytime between mid-summer and late fall (usually July through October). Their colors range from the iconic bright yellow sunflower, to pale orange, cream, rust, burgundy, and even brown combos, giving you and your wedding florist plenty of variety to work with. Even better: The sunflower’s large size and dark center makes it a statement bloom, so it only takes a few sunflowers to make an impact in your floral arrangements. Navy blue, light blue, red, and pink are just some of the wedding colors that complement sunflower wedding decor, but yellow is also a trending color—it was named a Pantone Color of the Year for 2021. 

Sunflower Wedding Theme Ideas

Your search for sunflower-themed wedding inspiration starts now. From sunflower bouquets and centerpieces, to ceremony decor and wedding favors, here are just some of the ways you can use these cheerful flowers for your big day.

Credit: Samantha Lacia (Wedding Wire)

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